E3 PlayStation Predictions 2017 – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 123 (Pt....

E3 PlayStation Predictions 2017 – Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 123 (Pt. 1)


We predict what will be shown at Sony’s E3 2017 conference.

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  1. sony will lie to there fan base and tell them bc is not popular so they can continue to charge idiot's for it, then they will show the same exact games they showed last year with a release date and everybody will lose there shit like something special happened..

  2. My predictions –
    1. God of war releases this year – 2017
    2. Spider-man releases this year – 2017
    3. The Order sequel announced
    4. Gran turismo Sport release date announced – Nov/Dec 2017
    5. Bloodborne 2 announced – 2018
    6. Days gone & Detroit release window announced – 2018
    7. Last of us Part II & Death stranding – No additional trailers
    8. One unexpected announcement

  3. My Predictions

    1.God of War with march 2018 release
    2.Spiderman with fall 2017 release
    3.Days Gone with 2018 Release Window
    4.The Last of Us Part II Demo with 2018 Release Window
    5.New IP from FROM Software 2018 Release Window
    6.Resident Evil 2 Remake with 2018 Release Window
    7.Monster Hunter 5 with 2018 Release Window

  4. Feel like Days Gone will have gameplay and aiming for early 2018 release. There are so many games and I feel like Days Gone will get a release date. More interested in brand new game franchises we know nothing about. I just want them to focus on improving PSN and waiting for VR to burn or price drop.

  5. Far better predictions video than Beyonds. The biggest "holy shit" moment for me would be if PlayStation opens up the conference with Red Dead 2 gameplay. Because nobody is expecting that game at all at e3.

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