Dynamic 4K Games Only On PlayStation – :60 | PS4 Pro

Dynamic 4K Games Only On PlayStation – :60 | PS4 Pro



Play these amazing ‘Only On PlayStation’ games in dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro with your 4K display. Horizon Zero Dawn and The Show 17 Available Now.

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  1. Sony pulling a fast one with the use of Dynamic 4K. They know most casuals dont know what it means only that it sounds cool. True hardcore gamers tho will just laugh because its just them saying hey buy a PS4 Pro and play upscaled games. Lol….

    I hope the Scorpio comes they make fun of Dynamic wording on PS4.

  2. I have seen 4k native vs ps4 pro's 4k side to side,you CAN NOT tell the difference,ps4 pro is great.Plus its much cheper that a PC that runs 4k games.
    Not to mention the by far greater exlusive gaming list that PS4 has over the PC.
    PC is still great,but PS4 Pro does it all at a better cost and with better games

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