Top 10 Best Android VR Games 2016

Top 10 Best Android VR Games 2016


Google Cardboard and VR games in general are starting to become big news. It’s becoming the latest platform for totally immersive games so let’s look at the best Android VR games as available right now and are completely free to play! Like & subscribe to be the first to catch all new videos every week!

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#10- InMind (Free) 0:08

#9- VR X Racer (Free) 0:38

#8- Voxel Fly VR (Free) 1:08

#7- Nagomi’s Ear Cleaning (Free) 1:38

#6- Lamper VR Firefly Rescue (Free) 2:45

#5- VR Urban Commando (Free) 4:05

#4- Lost in the Kismet (Free) 4:27

#3- Zombie Shooter VR (Free) 4:51

#2- House of Terror VR (Free) 6:20

#1- VR Fantasy (Free) 7:30


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  1. 3D Jet Fly High it's Endless Tunnel Racing Game which give you 3D VR Gaming Experience. Experience game with google cardboard and VR box. 3D Jet Fly High : VR Game Download From

    Its not just empty tunnel racing, its a drift race on 3D sky road which gives you 3D tail drift experience which any sky road driver will love to play. In between run you will face the different type of hurdle inside tunnel.

    Once you will start to move in tunnel on 3D sky road, By dodge hurdle you need to collect the points and power, to go in next step as faster as you can.

    the levels in 3D sky road are depicted with waves high the number of waves high is the speed deadly tracks.

    you will get the light speed power, magnet power which boost your jet to move forward faster and collect coin rapidly.

    once you will get coins you will be able to unlock more powerful airplanes, helicopter and jet plans which increase your tunnel travel speed.

    By reach at the next level you will get more speed and more difficulty in a way on your sky driving road and of course more money for you to unlock next level 3D plane.

    you will share your score online with your friends, so everyone can see who is the best in 3D tunnel race and who is? jet fly high…..

    3D Jet Fly High VR Game – Features
    – VR Game
    – 3D sky road
    – 3D Jet
    – Flying Game
    – Deadly Race Tracks
    – Endless Game
    – 3D Race
    – Tunnel Race
    – VR Racing

  2. I will admit that most of these games look pretty awesome but whats with the ear cleaning thing? its not a game its not fun its kinda creepy.

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