Today we talk about Sony and Playstation at E3. Our hopes, our wishes, what we know, what we want to know and what games we can expect. We also talk about Hellblade in a little more detail and Call of Duty WW2.

What do you guys wanna see from E3? We know Death Stranding is a no go, but what’s on your wishlist?

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  1. Ps4 definitely have a lot of exclusives on the Horizon. (Hopefully xbox will survive 'til dawn)

    The Days of xbox are going to be Gone.

    Everyone's going to be moving to ps4, and The last of us who stuck with xbox aren't gonna have anything to do.

    The amount of exclusives PS have is crazy, it's almost Uncharted territory.

    They're basically going to be the Gods of the console War.

    Ps4 owners are in for one hell of a Journey.

    Microsoft probably thinks it's complete Ratchet (… As in ratshit… That one may have been a bit too far fetched…).

  2. If I see another damn Grammerly ad.. I swear…
    When do we get the REAL testimonies…

    "I use Grammerly because I'm fucking illiterate but need a menial office job which I clearly lack the base skill set necessary for the position."

    "I use Grammerly to try and trick people that don't know me very well into thinking I am even moderately intelligent."

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  3. Sony: "let's make exclusive games so people are forced to buy our console"

    Exclusives are a great way to break up gaming communities. I see so much garbage from both Xbox and PS4 on which one is better. I personally can't stand the PlayStation controllers because they don't fit in my hand as snug as Xbox controllers. I like you guys on this channel, but I do feel too much bias with a lot of the videos.

  4. At least Xbox has some exclusives that look like they have potential like sea of thieves crackdown 3 and state of decay 2 along with a few indie games that looked pretty cool… Xbox is no where near ps4 with their exclusives but I hope the games they do have r really good and it could spark Microsoft getting more exclusives… Honestly it's not about the consoles much anymore, it's about the exclusives and prices and I hope Xbox realizes that

  5. Very few of the PlayStation exclusives are anything that I would want to play. Most of the titles that are being talked about won't be out for years. Basically if God if War doesn't come out 2017 there is nothing this holiday. Yeah, I know you can name some other turd games but that's exactly what they are. Even when a Good Game does come out, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Sony so called fans don't support it. HZD has only sold 3.4 mil copy's…or about a third of what Halo 5 sold on half as many system's. That's actually pretty pathetic. Hmmm…I guess CrapGamer Was Right!!!

  6. RDR2. Since I have FarCry 4 and FIFA 17 the upcoming next games in the series appeal less to me atm. But I'm desperate to get RDR2 on PS4. I'd love RDR on PS4 tbh.

  7. Destiny 2, Spider-Man PS4, CoD: WWII and The Last of Us Part 2 are the ones I'm looking forward to. There's a lot PlayStation exclusive games coming lol

  8. What Sony need to do is buy their biggest franchise trilogy, hand it off to an artificial, manufactured developer, and milk their fans into debt with pay-to-win requisition points.

    Then, force feed all their business partners with a Kinect before suddenly yanking it back out and making them pay for it.

    Then Sony will be as successful as Microsoft.

  9. For this is like being in the ps2 era again. We are actually spoilt with the diversity of Sonys library. The partners and range of games Sony have are unmatched. The problem is the back log is real. I hope they have 2017 dates for 1-2 Sony first party games and I want more surprises with new IP, maybe from software. E3 is going to be heavy this year from all platforms.

  10. Spider-Man PS4 is the game I'm looking forward to the most at E3. I love Spider-Man, he's been my favourite superhero since I was a kid. We haven't had a good Spidey game in ages, and so far it both looks and sounds like Insomniac is going to do a great job. Everything the developers have said about the story and the narrative is just phenomenal. I can't wait.

  11. Why do console players give a fuck about exclusives… It shows what sheep you are lol, you should care about how many good games you can play not how many games the opposing console can't play.

  12. "Hellblade" has been on my radar from the very beginning, like a cross between "Tomb Raider" and "Bloodborne". Nice! Naughty Dog is producing two games, one "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy", the other "The Last of Us part 2" which will probably be pushed to 2018. Still, PS4 is having a banner year in 2017!!!

  13. Who really cares about exclusives because the majority don't buy them it only multiplats
    There is only 2 PS exclusives I care about The Last of Us and Horizon zero dawn
    Plus if I buy a console it's not your jobs to tell people what console to buy
    Plus you people shouldn't care about the console wars Sony and Microsoft don't want to kill each other
    They're are just competing against each other
    Read this fanboys of Sony or Microsoft
    Also have a great day

  14. hey you guys are allright. but y'all have to stop talking over each other. I get the message and all, but sometimes y'all talk over each other and I don't know what is being said. just a small suggestion, overall y'all's videos are informative and good.

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